Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All Favre, All the Time

I know I'm kind of infringing on Passive Voice's beat here, but I read something in Peter King's little column about Favre that kind of made me wonder...

At one point, I text-messaged Favre, telling him what I thought -- the team would rather pay him his 2008 salary and not have him play rather than cut him loose.

This text message came back from Favre's phone: "tell ted to release me."

This kind of begs the question, what kind of relationship does Favre really have with PK that the former feels comfortable basically using the latter as a kind of intermediary between himself and his own boss? Is it just me or is this kind of inappropriate?

Oh and please feel free to insert your own Peter King-Brett Favre homo-joke in the comments.

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Passive Voice said...

Mm. It's like Peter King has firmly thrust himself into Brett Favre's business.

It's like Favre is telling Peter to blow his horn for him.

Favre seems fairly comfortable using King's mouthpiece.

/none of those make very much sense