Sunday, July 6, 2008

Help me out here.

Jon Heyman is doing a funny, I think. Regarding the A-Rod+Madonna thing (which is evidently consuming my life), he has this to say:

Dominating the pages of the New York tabloids is the reputed hookup of the Material Girl (Madonna) and baseball's Material Man (Alex Rodriguez). However, the latest distraction doesn't seem the be affecting the Material Man's on-field performance so far. It should be interesting to see if the MG has All-Star tickets.

No, it shouldn't be interesting. But more importantly, I'm curious about "Material Man". Heyman's evidently proud of it, because he used it twice. Is that a reference to A-Rod's big salary? Is there any other (funnier) explanation that I'm missing? I'm going to guess that there isn't, because that would be just the kind of thing I could see Heyman chuckling to himself about for many minutes after thinking of. Horrible sentence, sorry.

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