Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Comics & Sports tomorrow...

Since new comic book day has been delayed by a day (thanks American independence, you big jerk - and to think I thought you were a good thing), I too will postpone Comics & Sports until tomorrow. Well, that and I'm feeling lazy. Not to mention tired as all get out. I must be getting old. Or something.

To make up for it, I give you what I know you all really want - random acts of violence and a seedy pitchman...

Anyone else feel like there's nothing happening in sports at the moment? Well, apart from those trades, but as a fan of one of the teams I'm recusing myself from such discussion.

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Djmmm said...

I am surprised and a little disappointed that you didn't work a shot in on me in re that super shady lawyer.

For the record, Arch, if I ever end up on a TV commercial telling people that I want to get them the money they deserve(!) whilst standing in front of a green screen with random vehicles apparently spontaneously combusting... then please, find me, put a couple of bullets in my head, and put me out of my misery.

Thank you.