Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Archie vs. Djmmm...it's a Fire Everybody Civil War!!!

For the record, I'm Iron Man, partially because there's no way a red-blooded American like Djmmm would let a Brit like me be Captain America, but also because that makes me Robert Downey, Jr., which would pretty much be the fucking balls.

In my last post, I wrote the following:

During the playoffs, this gets blurred because uncalled roughness is way less controversial than a ton of questionable foul calls (see Mr. Dwyane Wade, circa 2006).

To which Djmmm, a man of immense integrity and shameless Miami homerism, responded:

[Editor's note: If Archie, a Chicago fan, is going take a shot at Wade as if that was the only or first time anything like that ever happened, this editor is going to embed the following video:

Carry on.]

In his blind rage (a blindness no doubt caused by a natural onanistic reaction to Wade's awesomeness), Djmmm failed to notice two things...

1. I was merely noting the existence of a controversy surrounding the 2006 Finals. I was not passing any comment on said controversy, nor was I taking a shot at Dwyane Wade, who beyond this recent Star Jones thing seems like a pretty cool dude.
2. I was discussing the refs making too many calls. He then responded with a clip of a notorious non-call. Both of which are issues, yes, but I'd argue they're two clearly separate beasts.

Oh, and while we're here, I'll say that yes, of course Michael Jordan enjoyed preferential treatment and he almost definitely pushed off of Byron Russell. Hell, if it makes you feel better, I'll drop the "almost." I'd also argue that unless we're talking about something clearly, absolutely wrong (the Soviets getting an extra two seconds in the 1960 Olympics springs to mind), there comes a time where you've got to move on, and that time is probably by the start of the next season. I mean, it sucks and all that the game ended in such an unsatisfactory way, but what's the point in bitterness? It's not like the league is going to make them replay it, right?

So Jordan won in 1998, Wade won in 2006, and there really isn't that much point complaining about either result. Although - and here is where I either bury the hatchet or twist the knife, depending on how Djmmm reads this - you know who did get totally fucking jobbed by bad officiating?

In case any of you actually watched that all the way through - and I have no idea why you would - I want to make it clear that I disagree with the video's conclusion:

Sorry Miami fans, Ohio State won fair and square.

I instead stand by the YouTube member who reposted the video:

The worst and most consequential call ever made by the dumb fuck ref. Lick shit

Who knew Chaucer had a YouTube account? Anyway...

We cool, Djmmm?

Hey guys. Passive Voice here. Just checking out this "write things in other people's posts" thing. Anybody wanna talk about hockey? Me neither.


Djmmm said...

Yes, we are cool. I don't even need to watch the clip. I have hated Ohio State with a passion I normally reserve for the Stinking Lousies of New Jersey/New York/Whatever (my cunt of an ex-girlfriend roots for them; talk about twisting the knife). I remember seeing that and absolutely thinking we'd just won the National Championship. As much as I hate the Gators, I was happy as a clam to see The OSU get absolutely creamed in that game.

Archie Micklewhite said...

Good to hear we're cool Djmmm. Honestly, I was just looking to capitalize on all the Marvelous good will going around lately. Got to get on that bandwagon before it's too late!

As a Michigan fan, we will be forever allied in our hatred of all things OSU. I may bleed Maize and Blue, but there's a little Orange and Green in there too.

Careful Passive...you might be next.

Passive Voice said...

Oregon, our Alma Mater
We will guard thee on and on
Let us gather round and cheer her
Chant her glory Oregon
Roar the praises of her warriors
Sing the story Oregon
On to victory urge the heroes
Of our mighty Oregon!
Go Ducks Go!
Fight Ducks Fight!
Win Ducks Win!

/Has never been to Oregon, let alone UO.
/Doesn't now anyone who goes or went there.
/Also a "fan" of TTech, Hawaii, the entire Big East besides Pittsburgh and any other offense that'll put up 40pts/game.
/Pretty generic as fight songs go

Passive Voice said...

**Formerly** Hawaii, they're dead to me now. I've since shacked up with New Mexico State and SMU.

Jeff said...

The Jordan play is a no-brainer non-call. I think the contact was minor, and if you watch that clip from behind Jordan cross over so dramatically that his left knee almost hits the ground. Russell had literally turned his body to run sideways (instead of moving laterally) to try to beat Jordan to the spot - he was beaten - and that's the primary reason why he lost his balance. They had their hands on eachother and Jordan broke contact after Russell.

Archie Micklewhite said...

So...you're saying I don't have to even pretend to concede that point? WOO HOO!!!

This is what I get for deriving most of my knowledge of Michael Jordan from Space Jam. Did you know his arm is, like, twelve feet long?