Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Murders & Executions Mergers & Acquisitions

Note: We're using "we" here not because we fancy ourselves neo-Leitcheans, but because this post is being co-written by Archie Micklewhite and Djmmm.

We talked briefly about expanding our horizons. But it has been our steadfast commitment to not do serious over here at Fire Everybody and to try to keep it at least tangentially sports related and/or delightfully meta/masturbatory. Except when it comes to that cockgobbling, motherless fuck Buzz Bissinger. (Man, we hope he reads that on HBO some time. But seriously, Buzz, fuck you, man.)

In any case, we're gonna be writing and doing some quasi-serious stuff over at Djmmm's formerly personal blog, HialeahCrimson. Basically, Archie's joining Djmmm to write over there occasionally and it should be fun. We don't anticipate that it'll affect our output over here, but Dj's pretty proud of his work there, and we thought it'd be fun to do some non-sports stuff together, too. Yes, we're totally gay for each other, but only in a metaphorical, non-homosexual way. [Well, that what's we keeping telling ourselves - Archie.]

So this definitely isn't a breakup of the ol' band. It's just sort of a side project, and if you're so inclined you should totally check it out. If we were Chuck Klosterman, we're pretty sure we'd now launch into a detailed metaphor comparing the two blogs to the Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule. Well, we may be many things (at least Djmmm and Archie, at last count), but we're not Chuck Klosterman. Not here anyway. But at Hialeah Crimson? Who knows, or dares to dream...

And if you didn't get that veiled reference at the end there, you need to start watching Blackadder. Let us help:

That is all.

[Edit-- Was the following Blackadder bit in mind when we named this blog?]

[Double Edit: You bet your ass it was.]

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Archie Micklewhite said...

The real question is...when is Passive going full time with his PK-Office blog? I gotta think Deadspin could use a Peter King's Reaction to The Office Closer. Or maybe the Fanhouse!