Friday, May 16, 2008

At long last, some Teams Rappin'...

This past Saturday, I embarked upon a three-hour radio exploration of sports teams rapping, from The Super Bowl Shuffle to Ram It. It was ridiculous, it was absurd, and it was recorded in the hopes I could put it up on the blog for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, it turns out that, despite all its obvious awesomeness, Mozilla Firefox is painfully incapable of processing lots of embedded videos, which meant that my original posts kept freezing up and being unplayable. So, finally, after only ninety hours or so of trying to work this out, I hit upon the solution to my problem that has worked for everything in the past from Joanie's love of Chachi to Chief Wiggum's need for a fresh start:

A spin-off.

That's right, Fire Everybody! has its own spin-off blog purely for the joy and beauty of teams rapping. It's got everything, including...

1. Interviews with With Leather's Matt Ufford, the AV Club's Nathan Rabin, and (I swear) the president of the Indianapolis Colts, Bill Polian
2. Ridiculous faux-pretentious discussion of this "hip-hop", including our epic discussion of the East Coast/West Coast divide and how the Portland Trailblazers invented grunge
3. A whopping 21 ridiculous songs, all in one convenient location

So, please, if you have a little time to spare and an interest in the absurd, feel free to check it out.

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Archie Micklewhite said...

By the way, should I call the Teams Rappin' site Archie Micklewhite's Place? Or should I wait until after Djmmm opts out of his contract and is inexplicably killed off in the blog to do that?