Saturday, May 17, 2008


Back to not talking about sports journalism.

I hate to push Archie's 52-52-52: The Rockies column down the page for this, but I need a judgment from the masses (from what I understand, "the masses" constitutes Archie's little brother and a handful of Saudis looking for Terrell Owens porn):

I meant to pick an English soccer team to like this year. I know it's really artificial and all to just pick a team, but what the hell. (Digression: A few years ago I got into college football and settled on a handful of teams with big offenses like WVU and TTech, but mostly on Oregon because they had the cojones to call themselves the Ducks and because I, unlike apparently everyone else, think the 32000 random, ugly uniforms they trot out are fucking solid.)

Anyway, I didn't really want to pick Man. U et al., because, you know, why bother. After bumbling around various teams' rosters, I stumbled across Portsmouth. Stud Croatian midfielder? Check. Canadian back-up goalkeeper? Check. Guys named "Lauren" and "Papa Bouba Diop"? Fuck and yes. A couple other players I've sort of heard of over the years? Czech (stole that one from Archie!). Plus they were on the up-and-up and apparently have crazy fans.

The problem was...I didn't really get on board. I kept meaning to, but forgetting. And of course they went and won the FA Cup. So, the question I have for everyone is: Is it lame to still try to get on the Pompey bandwagon? I sorta think so, but I mean...they've got a Canadian back-up goalie! I dunno. Let me know.


Archie Micklewhite said...

As someone who was only really a proper basketball fan for the last two or so of the Bulls' six championships, I think you've got to wait this one out a little longer. Like get on the bandwagon now, and if they win again, then you can retroactively claim a small stake in the first one. But I think otherwise you're on a clear road to Tommy from Quinzee syndrome.

Speaking of which...

Guys named "Lauren" and "Papa Bouba Diop"? Fuck and yes.

I believe that particular turn of phrase is a registered trademark of Big Daddy Balls Inc, a wholesome subsidiary of Lockheed-Martin.

Archie Micklewhite said...

Oh, and your understanding of our readership is completely correct. I couldn't be more proud.

Anonymous said...

One thing that Portsmouth is lacking though, is Peter Crouch. You can't beat a 6 foot 7 dancing Englishman.