Monday, May 19, 2008

Peter King and The Office

Hooray for PK. Today he had this to say:
e. The writers for "The Office'' got two mulligans for a couple of anti-Michael Scott episodes. All is forgiven. Michael's selfish and quasi-innocent weirdness was back on full display in the finale, and Jan even was a real person instead of the freakazoid she was in the dinner-party episode. They've obviously left a couple of danglers for next seasons, including the silly non-proposal from Jim to Pam. And Schrute. Brilliant ending. Just brilliant, with the Angela affair. My one quibble: Angela would never marry twerpish Andy. Why would such an improbable thing be written into the show?

I know Peter didn't like it when Michael was mean to Pam. In the finale Michael was downright cruel to Toby, but apparently that's just "selfish and quasi-innocent weirdness". And PK still gets in a jab about Jim and Pam not getting married. However, PK seems to have liked the episode in general and for that I, uh, don't not salute him.

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