Thursday, May 15, 2008

Office Spoila

This is about TV and things only tenuously related to sports, and represents general lameness on my part. But do, read on!

I am irrationally interested in hearing what Peter King has to say about the season finale. Since this episode 4 weeks ago, Peter has been shitting his dick at the prospect of Jim proposing to Pam.

April 21:
a. Thank you, writers of The Office, for regaining your sanity and your edge in a great show last week. You realize, of course, that we all want to see Jim and Pam get hitched now.

PK apparently has the patience of a 4-year-old, because the next damn week:
a. Propose to Pam already, Jim. C'mon. Get the job done.

Then last week:
c. The Office is disappointing me. The writers have changed Michael into a more mean-spirited guy than he was in the first couple of years of the show. The other night, at a high school job fair, trying to recruit a kid for a summer internship, Michael turns to Pam and says, "She'll do you.'' Disgusting. Not in keeping with the doltish Michael. Not at all. What's worse, Pam, looking insulted, doesn't slug Michael or quit on the spot, which any self-respecting woman would have done. I'll be watching the hour-long season finale Thursday, but I'm worrying I'll cringe more than I'll laugh.

I can't remember if I ranted already about the previous paragraph; just in case: Peter King does not understand a huge part of what makes The Office funny. It's funny largely because you cringe 5 times an episode. Plus, for what it's worth, Michael has been sexually harassing Pam pretty much from the get-go.

Anyway, as commenter emeritus Chris W said back then: ""we all want to see jim and pam get hitched"? No, sorry Peter. Not everyone misses "Friends" as much as you so obviously do." So I'm intrigued because Jim and Pam did not get engaged. This is sort of the ultimate test of Peter's stupidity and lameness: if he can recognize how fucking solid that episode was, despite that fact that he'll have to wait until at least like October for the engagement of his dreams, there's hope. If not, well, fuck him.

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