Wednesday, March 5, 2008


All told, I'd say we had a pretty successful Favre Frenzy, this being our fifteenth post. Still waiting on a Peter King post, but otherwise I think we've covered most of the bases. There's one more article I think I'll look at tomorrow, but for now? Well, let's just recap what we've already accomplished...

0. Long before Favre (sorry, Farve) even retired, we were making fun of dumb columns about him.
1. I got things started with a truly horrific mental image
2. Djmmm co-kicked things off with a timely Frank Caliendo reference. But is there any other kind?
3. Passive Voice was excited. No, seriously, that was the whole post. Although I edited the labels and an ethical quandary ensued.
4. I noticed this all might be a little premature, if a certain reporter's track record is anything to go by.
5. I checked in with my old friends at The Sun Herald, the journalistic pride of Biloxi, MS.
6. Passive took a look at some vintage Peter King.
7. The Sun Herald's Jim Mashek offered his local silliness up for me to make fun of. I made the most of it.
8. I had to run to class, so I did a quickie YouTube link. Not bad though, even if it's a year old.
9. I went a little overboard as my rage at media finally bubbled over.
10. I apologize the only way I know how - with another YouTube video.
11. I noted that this is the day people will have to look back to in order to understand Peter King's undying hatred for Kyrgyzstan.
12. Djmmm told us his favorite Favre story and called upon our millions (dude, it's trillions - we have a huge fanbase in Proxima Centauri, and you know how overpopulated those fuckers are) of readers to find the appropriate YouTube link.
13. Larry B over at Fire Jay Mariotti beat me to a Dr. Z article, so I threw in a picture of Superman and called off my attack dogs.
14. One last post about those lovable lugs over at The Sun Herald, where I finally find common ground between Favre lovers and Favre haters and all in between: seriously, fuck PETA.
15. I do a ridiculously self-referential post that serves only to clog up the series of tubes that I call the interblog.

And to Brett Favre, may I just say...good night, sweet prince. You strike me as a big Hamlet and/or The Big Lebowski fan, so I'm sure you'll doubly appreciate that one.

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