Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cindy McCain > Sportswriting Deconstruction...who'da thunk it?

So I keep some stats on how many people manage to trip along down the specific intertube to our little blog here. I'm immensely proud of how many hits we get, although I became somewhat less immensely proud when I filtered out my own IP address. (It turns out I was responsible for about 75% of the page views, not unlike the new Indy trailer.) But either way, after the craziness that was The Day That Which We Was Deadspun, I figured our stats would remain at the handful or so a day that is still more than enough to make me feel like committing hours of my life to this is definitely worthwhile. Especially since apparently one of our visitors was using ESPN's Bristol server. Actually, Sean Salisbury was fired right after that. Coincidence? I think NOT. So yeah...hi Sean! Glad to know you're reading.

So anyway, imagine my surprise when I checked my stats and discovered 235 visitors yesterday. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to discover that had happened without me even realizing. I mean, I'll stand by the genius of Passive Voice's weekly Peter King posts as much as the next guy, but that's one helluva spike. And then I checked where the referring links were from.

You see, the other day in my 52 52 52 post about Rhode Island sportswriter Bill Reynolds, I had, in a move totally germane to the topic at hand, linked to the following picture of possible future First Lady Cindy McCain:

It turns out almost all of those 235 visitors were people who had been googling that image of John and Cindy McCain and had no other reason to stop by our little blog. So apparently the number of people who spend their time on the Internet randomly searching for moderately sexy pictures of the woman who might be our First Lady utterly dwarfs those who spend it reading about how weird Ray Ratto is. And people think our nation's priorities are out of whack...


Djmmm46 said...

Having met Cindy McCain, I can say that in person, she is, in fact, a hottie.

Malabar said...

Having researched Cindy McCain, I can say that she is, in fact, a junkie.