Monday, March 31, 2008

Prah Dikshuns Numba 2

Jon Heyman weighs in with his season predictions. To my mostly untrained eye, there appears to be about 5 heavyweights in the AL, and pretty much any 3-team combo of Detroit, Cleveland, New York and Boston would be a completely acceptable prediction to make the playoffs. Jonnie m'boy, take us away:

1. Red Sox
2. Yankees

Uh huh.

1. Indians
2. Tigers


1. Angels
2. Mariners

Okiedoke. Looks good. So, we've got Sox, Tribe and Lackey's Lackeys. Who's it gonna be for the Wild Card, Yanks or Tigers (you can all see where this is going, can't you?):

Wild Cards: Mariners, Rockies

You know, it may be that in six month's time, Jon Heyman'll look pretty clever, and I'll look like a dink for making fun of him. But it doesn't seem likely. Actually, I'm just going to link to everything Vegaswatch (a godlike site) has said about the Mariners recently. I'd especially like to pirate one crucial, crucial line: "their Pythag record [last year] was 79-83".

The Mariners are going to need unimaginably good fortune to win 90 games this year, and even more for the Yanks and Tigers (and, since we're jaunting through Fantasyland, Toronto and Tampa Bay) to not reach 90. I'm sorry, that was a really awkward sentence. But don't let that distract you: bad prediction.

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