Thursday, March 6, 2008

Someone at ESPN needs to be shot...

We're totally cool with Satire here at Fire Everybody! We love the Onion, Cracked, and Gulliver's Travels (we're well-read bloggers; what do you think we do when we're not blogging and sick in bed because of all the mold in this here basement? That's right, we read Jonathan Swift.)

Having said that, news sources that try to pass themselves off as credible should not be indulging in satire. Like this unfunny piece of shit.

Yes, I know, it's Page 2, and yes, I know, ESPN traded its credibility to some Saigon whore for a handjob years ago, but c'mon.

Much as I'm annoyed by this article, it does beg the question-- would ANYONE be surprised to read the exact same text under Wojciechowski or some other ESPN-tard's name? I mean didn't we just lampoon virtually the same article here a few days ago?

This isn't clever, funny, and really it isn't even satire. I wish in this modern age of the internet for a term to describe just this kind of assholish writing.

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Djmmm46 said...

GODDAMNIT. I just looked at FJM and saw they scooped me on this an hour before I posted. For the record, I did NOT rip that off. Great minds think alike, perhaps?