Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre is dead! Long live die Brett Favre!

Shit. It finally happened. I'm guessing certain people might have an opinion on this. Djmmm (Djemini?) has already posted about this, but I'm sure the floodgates have only just opened.

Gentlemen, I'm fucking calling it. We have a Favre Frenzy on our hands, and it ain't ending until they surgically remove Peter King's mouth from Brett Favre's apparently now retired dick. And trust me, if that image discomfits you...well, the actual article PK is going to write about this will make that positively fucking comforting.

As my man Sean Connery said in that shitty LXG film, "The game is on!"

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Djmmm46 said...

It's pronounced just like the erstwhile Marshall Mathers's stage name-- Eminem. I was a disc jockey at a roller rink while Marshall was still starving in his Michigan trailer park.