Friday, June 27, 2008

Credit where it's due...

And my increasingly semi-sycophantic (how's that for tortured verbiage?) Simmons watch continues. Obviously, his absolutely fantastic, complete-with-profanity Will Leitch roast today was nothing short of spectacular, and bodes well for the very possibly fast-approaching day when he cuts ties with ESPN. So that's cool.

But until that potentially glorious day, I'm going to give some props to Bill Simmons and Chad Ford for their mock draft. I know some people haven't much cared for Bill's analysis, but I think it's worth pointing out that the draft is such a crap-shoot anyway that aimless bluster and swagger aren't all that far from attempting real analysis. Actually, the bluster and swagger are firmly aimed at fellating Kevin Durant, but you get my point.

Besides, with Chad Ford around as the rational straight man, Bill's silliness is far more palatable. All in all, a rather entertaining piece. Honestly, if the two of them ran away together to start a basketball blog, I'd read it. Especially if there was cussing.

But really, the main reason I bothered with this post was this last rejoinder from Bill. Chad Ford went to some lengths to explain how cognitive dissonance was skewing Bill's perceptions of the draft, which Bill mostly shrugged off as intellectual hooey. Still, with an ending like this...

Yours in cognitive dissonance,


...I think I'm OK with that.

Man, it's a fun time to be a sports fan. More on this coming up soon in my first true column thingy.

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