Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Celebrity Sighting!

This isn't funny so much as it just sort of was VERY abrupt and unexpected. I was in the Bank of America building yesterday in downtown Miami. You've probably seen it in any number of wide shots of nationally televised games involving the Marlins, Canes, Dolphins, or Heat. Here it is:


As you can see the building's got multiple tiers, so you have to take an elevator up to the "sky lobby" and then there's three banks of elevators that go to different sets of floors. So I was meeting with an attorney yesterday and we were coming down in the elevator and as the elevator doors open I almost literally bumped right into this man.


That's right. Dwyane. Fucking. Wade.


Archie Micklewhite said...

But was he wearing a Fat Albert shirt?

Also, I assume you took the opportunity to ask about Star Jones.

Passive Voice said...

hehe nationally-televised marlins games?

Djmmm said...

Actually man, I was half star-struck, half-wondering, Holy shit, was that Dwyane Wade???