Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well, um, that didn't work...

The label I went with was "experiments doomed to failure." Well call me Ti-motherfucking-resias, because that was about as prophetic as it gets. I won't bore you with what is a, well, rather boring story, but here's the equation:

Train delay of over an hour + power outage at my Residence Inn = No live-blog

Ah well, doesn't seem like I missed that much of a game. Well, you know, other than an attempt at the greatest comeback in NBA history. Oh well. I'll try again with Game 3. I imagine some form of winged rhinoceros will be dispatched to foil me. Actually, that might just be so cool that I'd be OK with that.

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Djmmm said...

Given my failure at live-blogging the NFL draft previously, this is becoming the blog of unfulfilled expectations of live-blogging.... YET ANOTHER REMINDER OF THAT TIME I LOST MY VIRGINITY!!! Call me butter, 'cos I'm on a roll.

/not really