Friday, June 27, 2008

Is this a post? A comment? Truly, only God can know for sure.

While I was furiously masturbating with cat faeces to pictures of your dead grand-aunt (am I right, guys? Hey? Hey?) this little establishment here became, like, a blog. Djmmm and Archie have done all sorts of new spicy things far from the realm of "Look! Jon Heyman thinks Schmo Bimbley and his .237 Eqa are valuable! Chortle." I'm not totally ready to make that full-blown leap, so consider this some sort of transition.

Catching up on Leitch's last day at Deadspin, I just read the back-and-forth with Bissinger. I thought the game of '"[Leitch] Don't you feel FOOLISH for how you acted?! Aren't you MORTIFIED?" "[Buzz] Well actually countless smart people agree with me so I'll be okay."' was kind of lame on both sides. I will narrowly avoid Archie's wrath by stating that, of course, Leitch came out ahead. One thing in particular bothered me from Bissinger's last reply:

We just disagree on a lot of fundamental things. Obviously, the biggest is that
sports should not be treated with seriousness. I think Friday Night Lights
proves the point of just how serious sports is in our culture.

You sure, Buzz? Are you sure it wasn't the overwhelming feeling of "Holy crap, look at how seriously those hicks take football!" that made the story compelling? If every reader of the book lived only to watch his favourite team, to the extent that people in west Texas did, the book wouldn't have mattered. It was interesting because high school football was all those people had, and that sort of rabid fanaticism isn't frequently seen. People don't take sports very seriously because, as Leitch said, it's just entertainment, really. What's more, that season was 20 years ago. As the epilogue to the version I read mentioned, people are a little less nuts about football now; Permian has a girls' soccer team and stuff. Even the craziest of the crazy have maybe come around a bit. So, no, Buzz, I don't think FNL showed how fucked up we all are over sports. Really, it emphasized how unimportant that stuff ultimately is to the large majority of people.

Anyway, I'm going to go brush my teeth with smegma and watch animal porn. Tits.


Archie Micklewhite said...

If there's one thing I've tried to make clear, it's that I don't generally do the wrath thing, and especially not towards my esteemed co-bloggers. I'm not quite sure that's what Leitch was going for in terms of the whole mortification and contrition thing, but on a more basic level I found the whole thing a little pointless. I mean, Buzz has made it clear how he feels. He's a bit of an idiot on this subject, and his comments add nothing. Frankly, I'm not sure whose comments would add anything. Whole point of blogs is that they're whatever the hell you want. But I promised I wouldn't do this stuff anymore, so I should probably move on. Either way, his tenure probably wouldn't have been complete without one last taste of the Bissinger.

Oh, and for all your shocking imagery, the only part that threw me off was the "u" in favourite. Somebody's not from around here, I see...

Stella said...

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