Friday, June 6, 2008

A quick announcement...

I did something tonight I sadly haven't done in years - watched an NBA Finals game all the way through. There's no real excuse for why I've been away so long (I honestly might have to go back to Bulls-Jazz II for my last Finals game), other than the post-Jordan apathy of a twelve-something (1999-2002) followed by high school finals and shit getting in the way (2003-2006). Oh, and LeBron or not, the Spurs scared me off last year's Finals; it's not like I missed much.

But now, because I'm trying to be a proper basketball fan again (and, for whatever reason, I sort of like the Lakers, although I'm obviously not a fan of theirs in any real sense - they just happen to be my gut rooting interest for some reason) and because I've got some amount of time on my hands, I'm going to watch this Finals all the way through. Game 1 was a decent start, and if the remaining games are at that level with a couple classics thrown in, the whole series would be pretty damn classic.

So I thought, for no other reason than to amuse myself, I might try live-blogging Game 2. It will, in all likelihood, be rather half-assed and disappointing, but hey...why not? We keep claiming we're out to expand our format.

In any event, stop on by this Sunday at 9:00, where I'll try my best not to suck. If nothing else, I can promise I won't mention my dad or my dumbass friends. You know, because I don't have friends (dumbass or otherwise), and my dad probably couldn't name a single player on either team if you put a musket to his redcoat head (he's British, you see).

Should be fun.

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