Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ah, Grand. That's the PK I know.

Or is it? I keep getting tripped up with this draft liveblog. I mean, it includes the line

He'll take a shot in the face and get back up.

...and it's Peter King talking about a white QB? Not the other way around?** ¿Que? Anyway, some of these writers are pretty good; no word yet from the Kingette, but the Giants have to pick some time.

Oop, update. From his 4:23 post, Peter has this to say:

It's amazing to me that the Jags saved their second-round pick in the deal, surrendering two third-round picks and a fourth- in the deal.

And if that makes grammatical sense to you, you're a smarter person than I.

**Fine, he's quoting a third party...but still. Nutsonhischin, is all I'm saying.

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Passive Voice said...

Not deserving of its own post, but:

Clady and Stewart, two players I like by virtue of their alma maters (almas mater? That doesn't sound right. Archie, what's the plural?) are going to Denver and Carolina? Borrrrrring.