Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Is It

That Bill Simmons takes buckets and buckets of shit for writing predominantly about Boston teams, but's Arash Markazi gets a pass for writing nearly exclusively about goings-on in LA (or if he's feeling adventurous and there's a huge game, Arizona)? A list of his recent stories:

-Westlake Village High School Baseball
-Wrestling in Orlando
-Wrestling in Orlando
-UCLA basketball
-UCLA basketball
-Arizona State basketball
-UCLA basketball
-UCLA football
-60-year-old college tennis player in Arizona
-Shaq, Suns and how it relates to the Lakers
-Delonte West helping th poor in New Orleans
-Will Ferrel (USC grad)
-USC football recruit
-Super Bowl parties
-Super Bowl activities
-Houston Texans Super Bowl ad
-Sundance film festival (¿¿¿¿¿)
-Actress enjoying Giants' success
-Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush
-UNC basketball recruit (from California)
-Wazzu basketball
-BCS debate including USC, Georgia and LSU
-Fiesta Bowl
-Rose Bowl
-Rose Bowl
-Texas football (following win in San Diego-based Holiday Bowl)

Anyway, that's about back to New Year's. I dunno. Am I being picky? Maybe I'm still flabbergasted that he wrote a "rating the Super Bowl parties" column. I'll leave it to the philosophers.

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