Saturday, April 12, 2008

We got Sussed!

And now a short skit...

Archie: Remember, my readership, when I promised to stop making self-indulgent meta-posts about the site?
My readership: That's right, Archie. You did.
Archie: I lied.

That skit has actually already been adapted into a movie. Of course, typical Hollywood, they had to embellish all the details...

You know what? One bite-sized Arnold clip deserves another.

Ah...that's the stuff. You know, when I set out on this whole blogging thing, I had a five-step plan for world domination. As you can see, my plan has been a year in the making...

1. Get my random stats posted in a comment on Fire Joe Morgan.


2. Wait a year to allow that incisive commentary to simmer, all the while studying my chosen trade through talking to blogging experts like Dak...and Dolph Lundgren.


3. Con the nice people at Harper Collins into giving me an interview with Will Leitch just to get a commenting account and a link from Deadspin in what was easily the most Machiavellian thing I've ever done. Well, Machiavellian in the sense that I laughed evilly to myself a lot.

Check. No...checkmate.

4. Join commenting community at Fire Jay Mariotti, filling the all-important role of "possibly coked-out commenter who writes rambling comments full of impenetrable references." Also win their apparently now defunct Reader Extra Participation Friday contest.


5. Totally weird out an actual sports blogger.

Oh, that's a big check.

Some of you may remember my "bloggers discuss Mark Cuban" post from awhile back, which represented...
A) A particularly shameless attempt to get linked from Deadspin again
B) A somewhat failed experiment in that most venerable of sports blogging genres, the fake skit

Well, it (rightfully) didn't get Deadspun, I somewhat regretted writing it in the first place, and I figured that was the end of it. Until this happened. Turns out Deadspin weekend daddy and blogger extraordinaire Matt Sussman stumbled upon our site, which I'm pretty sure makes him the first person I've made fun of to actually find out about it (although a stray IP address from ESPN HQ gives me hope that ol' Gene Wojciechowski is secretly reading).

When I found out about this, I did what any blogger with integrity would do - sent him an email thanking him for the link, apologizing profusely for any offense caused, and offering to take the post down. Like I said, integrity. But thanks to links both on his site, The Futon Report, and another in a Deadspin thread, we got a few more dozen readers, which was nice. The whole affair also gave me a few more quotes of praise for our humble blog...

"A good reason never to Google your own name." - Matt Sussman

In response to Sussman's inquiry into who wrote the Mark Cuban post:
"Not me. I have a life." - Deadspin commenter UkraineNotWeak

Anyway, with all that fun out of the way, some site news...

1. We'll be putting up an email address in case you want to contact us with tips, compliments, criticisms, or what have you. I've also put up my individual address in case you want to reach me personally.

2. Anonymous commenting is now enabled. So if you'd like to share your thoughts without giving us the vital information of your Blogger ID with which we could so easily hunt you down over the merest slight...well yeah, now you can.

3. There's also a list of links up there. Because if we don't support this whole "Deadspin" thing, it might not catch on, and so we thought we'd do our bit to boost their flailing traffic.

4. Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks! Like 52 52 52? Of course you do! Well there's plenty more where that came from, and hopefully I'll be rolling out the next one sometime next week. Hell, we're even in negotiations with an actual, honest-to-goodness journalist to blog for our site. More info from that if and when there's anything to report.

And to all our (as many as ten) readers...thanks for reading, everybody. You're the one "everybody" that I'd never, ever fire.

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