Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jon Heyman is a Lazy Bitch

A few days ago, I made a "joke" concerning this Jon Heyman article thing. I specifically thought this

Troy Tulowitzki had a big spring, hitting six home runs. "He's got a swagger about him. He believes,'' one AL scout said. "He's got a lot of Jeter in him.'' It's harder to think of a better compliment.

was funny, for immature reasons. [I actually didn't notice until now that it says "harder" rather than "hard". Neither here nor there.]

Anywho, imagine my surprise when I refreshed firejoemorgan for the 114th time today to find yesterday's Jon Heyman thoughts getting Junior'd:

Tulowitzki appears determined to win the Gold Glove after losing out to Jimmy Rollins last year.

"He has a swagger about him -- like Jeter,'' one AL scout said, paying about as high a compliment as you can pay.

"Swell", thought I, "I sort of beat FJM to it!" Then I realized that no, I hadn't. The J-Hey Kid just reused his goddamn scout quote from two days before and, worse, added his own shitty "what a good compliment, fwah fwah fwah" commentary.

To sum up: Jon Heyman sucks worse than I'd imagined.

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