Saturday, April 26, 2008


I think I might liveblog a liveblog. I feel like this could be some sort pathetic thing folks like me will do all the time in the future! Get on the bandwagon while there are seats left, people.

Elizabeth McGarr is thinking a Kingesque "5 things" on her way to the Giants' headquarters. Two are informative, one is not, one is this:

3. How late did Reese stay up last night?

and one is this:

5. For people who aren't from New York, driving through -- heck, even merging into -- the Lincoln Tunnel can be a harrowing experience. If only the subway went out to the Meadowlands...

Good God. Making lame jokes that end up sounding like weird intrusions into people's personal lives, bitching about traveling, thinking about a lot of generally stupid shit that has no bearing on football...Whatever Peter King's selling, this bitch is buying wholesale.

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