Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Empty Journalism

SI.com currently has a 2009 NFL Mock Draft as the lead item on their website. And you know it's getting 12 Million hits, because idiots like me will read anything that says "mock draft". But good lord, I cannot think of a dumber premise (2010, 2011 etc. mock drafts notwithstanding). For fun/reference, last year's attempt:

1. D-Mac, Oakland (excellent, excellent call)
2. Jake Long, Houston (good call on the player)
3. Brohm, Vikings (swingandamiss)
4. Calais Campbell, Lions (no)
5. Sam Baker, Bucs (no)
6. Chad Henne, Dolphins (weird)

And on and on and on. Dorsey went at 14, the Saints were in the Super Bowl, one of the projections entered the supplemental draft, at least two weren't drafted at all, there was one junior that didn't come out, and in total he pegged only 12 guys correctly as first rounders (never mind position in the first round or team or selection order).

I don't even know what I'm complaining about; I think it's just the fact that they put guesswork of the most futile kind up as the first thing any visitor would see.

Edit: Also, in this year's version, he's projecting a trade. This is so meaningless I just had multiple organ failure.

Editty Edit: I guess I should explain myself. I don't mind the "watch out for these prospects" articles. I just think it's fucking ridiculous to make an article out of pinpointing their exact order and destined team.

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