Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Hoc-key?" is actually the pronunciation in Canada

I'm watching the Broooons-Habs game, pretending I can still care about hockey after the Canucks lost 10000 of 10001 games to end the season and miss the playoffs. As if they know I'm here, grumpy, they show an ad with Roberto Luongo talking about the importance of winning the cup and stuff, as well as a picture of a packed, cheering GM Place. This isn't bad sports journalism, it's cruel.

Anyway, we got one of the strangest calls I've ever heard from NESN play-by-play Jack Edwards:

"Murray couldn't stick a fork in the bouncing puck."

Whatever dude.

Update, combining the last two posts a bit:

"He just couldn't get his nasty up."

Whatever dude.

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Djmmm46 said...

I could not possibly give less of a shit about the Florida Panthers. I don't think I have watched an NHL game this millenium...