Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hard to really rip him for it

Seeing as he mostly covers the NBA, I think, but we get this solid prediction from Marty Burns:

The Bears' big decision on whether to go for help on the offensive line, or at the skill positions, has been made easy. It looks as if they might have their choice of top-10 graded Branden Albert or Jeff Otah. Incredible.

Oops. To be fair, he got the position right.

In other news, is claiming to have 13 writers in 10 cities. The tally:

Los Angeles
New York (x4)
"Arizona" (sic, I guess--Arash Markazi never was that good at geography)
Tampa Bay (not a city)
and....Long Island and New Jersey. Forgetting the questionable city status of those two ( 60% of what we say are cities actually are!) seem a bit of a stretch to differentiate those from New York. They should have taken credit for the four different chairs the New York writers are sitting in.

They've added a guy in Kansas City, so it's 14 and 11 now. In hindsight, wouldn't it have made sense to have a guy there in the first place, what with 2 top-20 picks and all? Whatever, SI.

Anyway, how many people think the post-draft "grades" will give the Chiefs an A+++ and the Jags a B-? Oooooo, Derrick Harvey, that's a reach!


Passive Voice said...

Hey, what happens if Rashard Mendenhall gets to the Cowboys at 22? Will Crazy Jerry take him over Felix Jones? Will he still take Jones at 28? I am excited.

Passive Voice said...

There's your answer. Guessing it'll take the Steelers 4 seconds to take Mendenhall.

Passive Voice said...

Hehehe. It's like I know what I'm talking about. Anywho, enough of this becoming my own personal liveblog. Back to liveblogging someone else's.