Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holy Eff

Djmmm and I just had the same damn idea. I like where this is going.

Anyway, guess where they put Peter King for this one. No, not quite Dildo, Newfoundland. But a close second. He's in Flowery Branch, GA, because making "Peter King is gay" jokes wasn't quite easy enough for people like me. He hasn't said anything stupid yet, but I think he might have forgotten how the language works:

There's a multiple-TV-truck draft-day buzz here 53 minutes before the draft, and thanks to heavens for sending extra second-round picks for DeAngelo Hall (34th overall) and Matt Schaub (48th) and an extra, compensator third-rounder (98th, for Patrick Kerney, who the former regime should never let leave, by the way). Four picks in the top 48, seven in the top 103. They want to come away with four starters, at least.

Quick league stuff from a cauliflower-eared phone night, and less this morning:..

Whatever dude.

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Djmmm said...

You're gonna have to pick up the slack for me dude. Sadly, I have to run. Make us proud, Robin!